Endocarditis, infective

Last updated: Thursday, 29, July, 2010
Key InformationAppropriate Tests
Initial assessment (diagnosis) and monitoring

Three sets of blood cultures should be taken.

Each set of blood cultures should be collected by a separate venepuncture.

Urine microscopy and culture.

FBC, blood film; CRP or ESR.

Diagnostic imaging may also support or confirm the diagnosis of endocarditis. 

If blood culture positiveMIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) of chosen antibiotics.
If blood culture negative

A number of organisms, especially Coxiella burnetii, Legionella spp, Chlamydia spp, Mycoplasma spp do not grow in blood cultures. Q fever antibodies, Legionella spp antibodies, Chlamydia antibodies, Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibodies; blood culture for mycobacteria.

Molecular genetics - microbial