Last updated: Friday, 10, December, 2010
ManifestationsAppropriate Tests
Histoplasma capsulatum

Sputum microscopy and culture, bronchial brush, wash; bronchoalveolar lavage; lung biopsy; blood culture.

Bone marrow aspiration with culture.

Tissue biopsy, but the organism is seldom grown from fibrotic lesions in the mediastinum or from histoplasmomas.

HIV antibodies (with consent and counselling), as the length of treatment and the prognosis will be different in patients with AIDS. 

See also AIDS

Acute primary pulmonary/mediastinal granulomatosis


Chronic pulmonary infection

Progressive disseminated infection

  • Acute
  • Subacute
  • Chronic
Histoplasma capsulatum var duboisii

African histoplasmosis

Biopsy, with microscopy and culture, of skin lesion, subcutaneous nodule, bone abscess, lymph node, as appropriate.