Last updated: Thursday, 23, December, 2010
CausesAppropriate Tests

Review clinical features including dietary history, history of weight loss, physical findings suggestive of underlying disease.

If weight loss is severe and/or prolonged, further assessment may be appropriate. FBC, blood film; ferritin, folate if indicated on blood film (see Anaemia); PT; sodium, potassium, protein (total), albumin - serum, glucose, urea, calcium, phosphate, zinc, magnesium, selenium, cholesterol, triglycerides may assist in the assessment of severe malnutrition. Vitamin D (25-hydroxy); Vitamin A

See also Iron deficiency
Folate deficiency
Vitamin B12 deficiency
Vitamin K deficinecy

Poor dietary intake

Upper gastrointestinal disorders

Oesophageal obstruction

  • Carcinoma
  • Stricture

Intestinal disorders

High energy demands



See Septicaemia

Renal failure - chronic