Bence Jones protein - urine

Last updated: Thursday, 16, August, 2007

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Item Process

Random urine specimen; 24 hour urinary collection preferred.


Protein electrophoresis on urine.

Reference Interval

Depends on laboratory.


Investigation of monoclonal gammopathies, hypogammaglobulinaemia, and suspected multiple myeloma.

Performed in conjunction with serum protein electrophoresis.


Monoclonal light chain proteinuria (Bence Jones proteinuria) is seen in patients with light chain myeloma, in approximately 50% of those with IgG and IgA myeloma, and in some patients with other lymphoproliferative disorders (eg, macro­globulinaemia) and plasma cell dyscrasias (amyloid).

Entire paraprotein molecules may also be detected in serum.

Urine protein dipsticks do not detect Bence-Jones protein.

May soon be replaced by serum free light chain assay.

See Free Light Chains.


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