Methaemoglobin, sulphaemoglobin - blood

Last updated: Wednesday, 28, April, 2004

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Item Process

5 mL blood in EDTA.


Spectroscopic screening and spectrophotometric quantitation.

See also Haemoximetry.

Reference Interval

Methaemoglobin <1% of total haemoglobin in normal blood, slightly higher in infants, particularly if premature.

Sulphaemoglobin is not present in normal blood.


Investigation of unexplained central cyanosis; possible oxidant drug haemolysis (eg, sulphonamides, aniline dyes, nitrates and nitrites).


Increased levels of methaemoglobin are seen in patients with Hb M haemoglobinopathy or methaemoglobin-reductase deficiency and following oxidant drug exposure.
See also Heinz body preparation - blood.

Sulphaemoglobin may occur with exposure to certain drugs especially sulphonamides.


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