Disaccharidases - small bowel mucosa

Last updated: Saturday, 27, March, 2004
Item Process

Small bowel biopsy: at least 5 mg fresh tissue transported in a container on melting ice.


Spectrophotometry on tissue extract with assay of lactase, sucrase, maltase, isomaltase, as appropriate.

Reference Interval

Depends on laboratory.


Investigation of patients with diarrhoea and/or colic in whom sugar intolerance is suspected; investigation of those with small bowel malabsorption.


All brush border enzymes are reduced in subtotal villous atrophy; lactase is very low in lactose intolerance; sucrase and isomaltase are very low in sucrose intolerance.


Lebenthal E and Lee PC. J Pediatr 1980; 97: 389-393.